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The D&A Way is really the Hawaiian Way: Valuing our Ohana (family). Our extended
Ohana includes employees, our customers and our community.

D&A was founded in 1976 by Henry Pelfrey, a native Hawaiian, who had come to
Oregon to go to college. Henry became a structure and civil engineer. Later, he was
the general project manager for large section of the construction of the I-205 freeway. Upon
completion of the I-205 projects, Baltazar (“Buz”) Ortiz, the general superintendent of the I-205

construction projects, became Henry’s co-founder of D&A. Buz was of Hispanic origin and
also valued family and community. They developed strong ties to their communities. In 1997,
Mr. Ortiz retired from D&A. Henry continued on in the business until he passed away in 2021.

The D&A Way is a philosophy of how to treat people that transcends the years. Henry
always said, “What goes ‘round, comes ‘round, be careful how you treat people.” Henry may no
longer be with us, but his philosophy is ingrained in the D&A Ohana.

As a result of The D&A Way, D&A has many long-term employees and customers.
D&A is always excited to add new employees, customers and friends to the D&A Ohana. In
the Hawaiian way, there is always room at the table for one more.

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