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Helping You Get There Safely Since 1976

Excelling in Heavy Civil Construction, Highway Guardrail

and Cable Barrier, and Site Preparation


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D&A’s number one goal is to provide high quality on-time, solutions based performance. 

Since 1976, D&A has constructed, reconstructed, and repaired the freeways, highways, roads and  streets of Oregon, Washington and California.  In Oregon, D&A also performs site preparation work for commercial, industrial, and residential subdivisions, apartments, schools, etc.


            D&A has installed miles and miles of all types of guardrail, speciality guardrail, cable barrier, concrete walls and vegetation control.  Whatever is needed, most likely D&A has installed it.


            D&A works as both a prime contractor and subcontractor.  D&A is available for emergency repair work, such as wreck repairs for guardrail, slide damage repairs and fire damage repairs. For emergency repairs, please call 503-880-4361.

While D&A is firmly anchored by the past, it is always looking for innovation and how to make the world it works in better.

D&A is always evolving!


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Contact Us


503-661-5093  Office

503-669-1192  Fax

503-880-4361  Emergency Repair Work 


20905 NE Sandy Blvd
Fairview, OR 97024


General Inquiries: [email protected]

Subcontractors, please submit quotes to: [email protected]

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