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47 years of transforming and creating a path in construction >

Heavy Civil Construction

Infrastructure is D&A's specialty.

We have years of experienced building everything from
freeways and roads to building sites and everything in between.

We move dirt, break boulders,
remove asphalt, place aggregate base, and so much more.


We build and repair waterlines,
sewer lines, storm lines, and conduit.


We can do our own traffic control.


We have not only been
around the block, we know how to build the block.

We would like to bid your project!


From high profile work like site preparation work for the Portland Veteran's Hospital on Marquam Hill, Interstate Max Advance Waterline Relocation of 36" water pipe from the Moda Center to the Expo Center, to ordinary freeway, street and road repairs and emergency work, D&A has the experience and crews to get the job done. 

Producing high quality projects across the west coast. 

Delivering top quality plans and designs >

Safety is our first priority!


D&A has had some large, medium, and many small innovative endeavors over the years. D&A is always looking for ways to innovate within its budgetary constraints. Equipment is often re-purposed or modified to improve production. Many suggestions come from D&A's very capable employees. Below are examples of each size of innovative endeavor. 


In the mid 1980s, D&A was on the cutting edge of a new recycling procedure: asphalt profiling (grinding). This process involves: grinding off the top layer of asphalt; depositing it in a dump truck that takes it back to the asphalt plant where it is later reprocessed into asphalt. In the mid-1980s through the mid-1990s, D&A was 1 of the 3 asphalt profiling companies that worked in the 12 western states. Today, the asphalt profiling and recycling process is very common. 

We are excited to currently be looking into new modernization practices as well! Our company is actively looking at how to address challenging issues and look for new solutions that can be helpful along with researching more construction tech practices! 

Contact Us


503-661-5093  Office

503-669-1192  Fax

503-880-4361  Emergency Repair Work 


20905 NE Sandy Blvd
Fairview, OR 97024


General Inquiries: [email protected]

Subcontractors, please submit quotes to: [email protected]

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