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D&A has installed miles and miles of all types of guardrail, specialty guardrail cable barrier and concrete walls and vegetation control. Whatever is needed, most likely D&A has installed it. 


D&A bids this work as both a prime and subcontractor.

D&A is readily available for wreck repairs and other emergency repair work.

A strong reputation lasting decades for installation.



In the scope of projects it doesn't matter if it is large or small, innovation has to start somewhere. An example of a small innovation is determining how to re-purpose a truck for guardrail work to allow it to efficiently travel long distances. The vehicle below previously had a fully enclosed box, which did not work well for guardrail. By cutting the box down and adding new, lighter weight tool boxes, the vehicle became lighter, more fuel efficient and allowed it to be re-purposed. 


Re-powering the upstairs units of D&A's guardrail machines to take them from tier 0 to tier 4 engines are examples of medium size innovative projects. These projects are not only expensive they require a lot of planning and work. D&A is in the critical thinking stage of development for trying a clean, no emission electric version: Someday we will have it! 

Our firm has our sights set on big things! 

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503-661-5093  Office

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503-880-4361  Emergency Repair Work 


20905 NE Sandy Blvd
Fairview, OR 97024


General Inquiries: [email protected]

Subcontractors, please submit quotes to: [email protected]

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