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Dirt & Aggregate Interchange, Inc. 


D&A has always been about reduce, reuse, recycle and re-purpose. Awareness in the construction industry is very important where more industry leaders and local companies know how to make the changes that our world needs. 



D&A does not use any more if anything than necessary. This is a great approach from a sustainability perspective.

D&A is always on the alert for value engineering opportunities to reduce materials, equipment use and labor used in its projects.  For example, if plans were engineered for dirt to be hauled off site, D&A evaluates to see if there is a way to change any grades to allow the material to stay on site. If the materials can stay on site, this reduces the amount of fuel used to haul it off (the carbon footprint of the project) and reduces the dumpsite space required. 

D&A works to actively find ways to reduce the use of resources throughout each project. 



Roadway materials such as sand, aggregate base, asphalt profiling grindings and other materials are salvaged and reused as appropriate on other projects. Top soil on a project is often saved and reused as top soil on the same project. Boulders are made into walls or used as landscape accents. 



As many materials as possible that must be removed and hauled off from a project are sent to recycling vendors, such as concrete goes to a crushing facility that produces crushed concrete, which is reused. Ripped chunks of asphalt go to asphalt facilities to be recycled into new asphalt. Materials from clearing sites go to green waste recycling centers to be processed into mulch and other landscape products. 



D&A salvages used guardrail posts and guardrail metal panels for re-sale and re-use. The guardrail posts are purchased for landscaping, short walls, and fence posts. The metal rail panels and metal posts work well for cattle corrals and fences, and other farm projects. D&A has the creativity to re-purpose many other items salvaged from its projects. These materials result in products that last for years. 


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20905 NE Sandy Blvd
Fairview, OR 97024


General Inquiries: [email protected]

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